Eye exercises to improve vision not only work but can lead to remarkable  improvement in your eyesight. Although most people will never question the need  to wear glasses or contact lenses, there are many techniques you can use to not  only improve your eyesight but help restore 20/20 vision. Is it really possible?  Over 100 years of research and results worldwide has thrown the need for  corrective lenses out the window.

Although not all vision problems can be fixed naturally, a vast majority of  vision problems such as being short or far sighted or both can be cured  naturally.

It’s important to know that today there are more people requiring corrective  lenses, contacts or opting for expensive and risky surgery than ever before.  What has caused this dramatic increase in poor vision? Our daily lifestyles!

Some of the most common causes for poor eyesight is a result of our lifestyle  both work and play. Computers and televisions have played a critical role in the  effects of our eyesight and vision.

It’s important to understand that while we require corrective glasses and  contacts to get their our daily lives, their use causes our eyes to become lazy.  The result? A deterioration in vision over time and stronger lenses being  prescribed year after year. What we end up with is a tougher life without having  our glasses permanently glued onto us.

The eyes are like any other part of the body that require exercise and  relaxation to not only strengthen but improve overall health. With that in mind,  when was the last time you performed any eye exercises to improve vision? If you  are like almost everyone, the answer is probably never.

One of the most popular eye exercises to improve vision is Palming. Palming  allows your eyes to relax and can help alleviate problems such as eye strain  which can result in head aches and migraines.

Palming requires you to take a few minutes a day to relax your eyes by  sitting comfortably and covering your eyes with your hands. Warm your hands  first by rubbing them together and cover them for 3 minutes. Try and ensure that  no light gets in and visualize something interesting during this time, this is  one of the fundamental eye exercises to improve vision.

Eye exercises to improve vision have been used world wide in classrooms in  many countries. Children are made to do a series of eye relaxation techniques  daily. These eye exercises were originally devised by Dr William H Bates in 1880  and perfected overtime.

There are millions of people world wide who have benefited form Dr Bates  research in proving that eye exercises to improve vision were the only thing you  needed to restore your vision naturally for most vision problems. This caused Mr  Bates to be shunned by his peers.

Your local optometrist is making a very healthy living prescribing glasses  and contact lenses, their motives are to line their back pocket and not show you  eye exercises to improve vision naturally. Laser surgery is not only very  expensive but comes with huge health risks.

Discover eye exercises to increase vision naturally using the Bates Method today. Say  goodbye to glasses and contact lenses and the temptation of risky and expensive  eye surgery.

Learn eyes exercises to improve vision naturally to achieve 20/20 vision by  using a series of techniques that have helped millions of people improve their  eyesight at http://www.improve-my-eyesight.infoArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_B._ClarkeArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3901027

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