Can Glasses Ruin Vision?

Over the last 2 years, while doing research to find out how to increase my eye vision, I kept stumbling upon many articles and other resources stating glasses can ruin and deteriorate vision over time.

Is this true?

Many articles I read suggested it was not that glasses made eye vision worse over time, but it was the persons perception that changed.

For instance, when I had blurry vision at age 20, before I got my glasses, the blurriness of the world was what I was accustomed to.  Then when I got my first pair of glasses and everything looked crystal clear, when I took them off, everything seemed so much more blurry. So over time, were my eyes getting worse or was it my perception?

Well my prescription continued to increase over 21 years so there is my hard evidence!

I also know plenty of co-workers and friends who have continually had an increase in their eye prescription over the years.

What many experts seem to agree on is if your wearing your distance glasses for close up activities such as reading, computer work or playing video games, your glasses are too strong for that short distance. If your using your reading glasses to view things in the far distance, your eyes will be straining to see clearly.  In these situations, the glasses are encouraging strain on the eye which can, and eventually does, lead to weaker eye vision.

Dr. William Bates thought the best approach was for people to stop wearing glasses altogether while practicing his natural eye healing techniques.

I don’t really think that a good idea for people living in today’s society.  I drive special needs children in a wheelchair bus to and from school everyday and I certainly couldn’t take any risks while going through my eye program!  Back in Dr. Bates’ time when everyone walked or rode horses, maybe it didn’t matter.

I think for anyone trying to improve their vision naturally, it’s wise to take it step by step, and be responsible while slowly getting rid of your glasses.

I needed to lower my prescription 2x and ended up purchasing inexpensive contacts through XXCXXXX.  I know of a few co-workers who purchase their glasses from Walmart which also has very reasonable pricing.

If you have not had in increase in your eye prescription over the years of wearing glasses you may not agree with this article.  In my personal experience and the many people I know who have had to go to stronger lenses, I would agree that corrective lenses mask the problem and in many cases can make vision weaker over time.


Vision Without Glasses

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